The Elite Police Training School is situated at Bedian Road, Lahore, 8 km from Bhatta Chowk towards Bedian. Along with administrative buildings, hostels and vast training areas it consists of:

  • Administrative Buildings
  • Staff Hostel
  • Trainees Hostels
  • Mess
  • MT Sheds
  • Training Sheds
  • Parade & PT Grounds
  • Jogging Trek
  • Firing Range
  • CQB
  • Assault Course
  • Rappelling Tower
  • Crevice Crossing
  • Training Grounds
  • Sports Grounds
  • Library
  • Canteen
  • Mosque
  • Recreation Hall
  • MI Room
  • PCO
    The faculty comprises a conglomeration of diverse skills. Encompassing tactical lesson, an athletic skill, or a feature of character development, it must be conducted by highly competent and inspiring staff. Besides their unparallel devotion and expertise, they all work in harmony with others so as to have the best of yield. In the absolute professional effort of the staff, a trainee remains in lime light. The members of the faculty consequent into optimized results through display of professional excellence, personal involvement and above all by own exemplified conduct.
    The courses offered at EPTS cover all aspects of combat training and are devised so as to stimulate the physical and mental capabilities and potential as trainees.
    Training is divided into five primary modules namely weapon training including basic & advance firing practices, field craft, minor tactics, fighting in build up area including repelling & advance assault course and first Aid. They receive intensive help and guidance in tactical and other skills which improve their physical and mental fitness.