The Training


  • To develop the sense of discipline, honor, patriotism and acquisition of knowledge to enable them to tackle appropriate tactical subjects.
  • To inculcate maturity of outlook, liberal attitude in order to make them a team member through comradeship.
  • To generate sense of discipline and duty and is firm in enforcing orders under all circumstances.
  • To ensure the well being of public by elite official with marked sense of justice.
Hallmark of EPTS is that since its inception the unique responsibility of running his school was put on the shoulders of team of officers and officials from Special Services Group of Pakistan Army which has outstanding records of marvelous achievements not only within the country but abroad as well.
The pure physical nature of the training challenges the adventurous and the ambitious and educated youth of Punjab Police and only those come out triumphant who can maintain certain standards of physical fitness and discipline.
The two mile run with physical training before dawn, daily, intensive martial arts training including judo, karate, Kick Boxing, Boxing, Disarming, weapons training on a scale which was unheard of in Police before, Rappelling, Crevasse crossing, Building assault and many other minor Tactics are only a few of the hair-raising ingredients of the six months training imparted to the trainees of Basic Elite Course. But moral teachings and character building gives these fighting machines a human spirit and self respect which if not lacking is only a rare trait amongst the contemporary conventional Police.

Courses run at Elite Police Training School:

  • Basic Elite Course
  • Refresher Course
  • Probationers Course
  • ASP Command Course
  • Security Course
  • Instructors Course
  • Orientation Course
  • Advance Course
  • Model Discussions
    Trainees relate their theoretical tactical concepts to ground situations depicted in the form of models. Exhaustive brain storming lead to conceptual clarity and promotes readiness for field operations.
  • Class Instructions
    Various aspects of a given topic are discussed. The exercise is made very stimulating, ideally suited for analysis and self learning.
  • Practical Work
    Trainees move out in the designated areas for a discussion on tactics and other concepts of operations followed by conduct of practical.
  • Test Exercises
    Actual exercises are conducted in the field. They are exposed to real scenarios and made to apply their tactical knowledge to hard ground situations. They are graded eventually according to their expertise.
  • Physical Fitness
    The physical fitness schedule of trainees is designed to develop in them agility of body, robustness of muscles and sharpness of mind. They are made to do extensive exercises regularly with the help of elaborate apparatus under the guidance of highly trained coaches.
    Correct physical development creates that warrior-spirit in the trainees which helps them sustain the rigors of active combat and continue fighting for an ultimate win even under heavy odds.
  • Sports Competition
    Regular participation in sports contributes immensely towards physical fitness while variety within its vast range adds to its recreational value. It inculcates in them sportsman spirit. Facilities for nearly all popular major sports exist i.e. volleyball, football, rugby, cricket, martial arts and tug of war.
  • Endurance
    Endurance is one of the higher virtues of an effective force member. Regular stamina and endurance building exercises are conducted to develop physical hardihood, determination and willpower which include, Daily 2 Mile Run, weekly 4 mile run and 12 Mile Race.
  • Agile Minds
    Trainees as athletes must become proficient in a host of individual skills. A course of numerous Physical Training Tests develops their body fitness and promotes their agility. They have to engage in frequent tough conditioning exercises in order to qualify EPTS physical fitness tests. This fitness acquired over long period of strenuous training stays with them as a life-time asset.
  • Grit
    Physical training events not merely physically harden the trainees, but they also develop in them enormous grit. Events like boxing or assault course which are compulsory physical training tests cannot be legitimately completed unless the young athletes muster bold initiatives and physical courage.